In Antigua, Hotel Los Búcaros you will experience an authentic colonial environment and enjoy the magic that surrounds the city. If you’re looking for accessible rates, tranquility, comfortableness, and a personalized attention as well as safety, then our hotel is what you need. This house of 150 years old has been restored to become the perfect Hotel for our visitors. The colonial details will transport you to a historical past in where in each corner there are many tales that gives a better insight of how Antigua became such a captivating city.

The name Búcaro was given after the colonial architecture fountain built on the wall in the gorgeous courtyard, adorned by tall palm trees and the eternal spring variety of colorful flowers. The corridors are ample and detailed with arches and beautiful colonial furniture. On our walls you can appreciate some paintings of local artists and crafts of the local artisans.

The kitchen which is one the main attractions of the house. It has a special chimney called Campana in such type of architecture which is designed to captures the aroma of our delightful local cooking. The roof is instead a big Cúpula, which is one the main characteristics of Antigua’s architectural designs.