Discover the colonial town rich in history and the favorite destiny or world travelers by excellence. Among our Antigua visit options, we have a 3 hour tour, with a bilingual guide and exclusive transportation. Third capital city of Guatemala, was built in the mid and late 1400’s, designed by an Italian architect named Francisco Antonelli. The construction of the many religious catholic buildings, churches and convents were inspired in a Italian-Spanish Baroque style.  Beautiful details can be well appreciated also in many corners and houses of Antigua. Destroyed by the Santa Martha earthquake in 1773, some Spanish inhabitants decided to stay instead of moving out to the fourth and actual capital city. Antigua is not only a beautiful and enchanting town, but it once was the capital home of the Kingdom of Guatemala (Guatemala which in mayan means Land of Trees) starting in the Yucatan Peninsula and ending in Costa Rica. This kingdom which once was a large country, was the commerce bridge for the Spanish, between the other two mayor cities they had built: Mexico and Peru. This is a reason why they built in Antigua the first University of Latin America, Universidad de San Carlos, to educate Spanish descendants for that they could rule this land, being instructed in Latin, mathematics, politics and other fields. Discover what’s behind the walls of Antigua, we are sure that you will be captivated.